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   Civilian Expedition Returns with News of Mysterious "Spindle Ship" That May Use Black Holes for Travel [27 July 2319] (ISN)


   After Extensive Cleanup Operation, Space Station Alpha Declares Itself Bari-Free Following Final Inspection [16 August 2319] (NEN)


   Torus Xenology Center Introduces Aftermarket System of Internal Sensors to Provide Smart Crew Manifest; Assures Prospective Users that Crew Data is Non-Specific About Location and Nature of Current Activity [25 March 2319] (ESR)


   Civilian-Military Liaison Giddeon Graves Easily Fends Off Challenger as Construction Begins on Bari-Safe Plasteel Superstructure on Barnham's Redoubt [23 June 2319] (CPC)


   Retired Civilian Pilot Seen Joining Seminary; Declines Comment [23 May 2319] (NAO)


   A Battered and Bloody Edouard Gagnon (Except For Five Teeth Which Are Quite Missing) Returns Home Clutching Schematics to Triumphant Fanfare, Complimentary Poutine, Complimentary Cardiovascular Union Benefits [ 3 November 2318] (DFP)


   Sponsored Pilot Sponsors Again: Recent Transfer Arroyo Facilitates Cooperation Between Planetary Sportswear Suppliers and New Heliomutamall Venture [ 1 July 2319] (DFP)


   Captain Goodboy Shatters Glass Ceiling, Allowed to Enter Competitive Tea-Drinking Championship [14 July 2318] (USN)


   Annual Fashion Fair Continues Tour of Capital Worlds -- Wealthy Customers Can Purchase 2319 Fashion Fair Tokens Outside The ChetuMall Right Now! [ 2 May 2319] (TPR)


   Savage Space Saloon Smackdown Sends Civvie to the Slammer! Photos Inside! [30 June 2319] (OTI)

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